Relax, Rejuvenate, Revitalise!


well… I thought I’d share this latest purchase with you because.. WOW!

We purchase our 100+ year old cottage nearly five years ago and it has some weird quirks like a historic right of way for the neighbours right through our back garden being one. The other main quirk is the shared water mains means if your neighbour is having a shower when you want one you tend to get a hot and cold burst every few minutes! It keeps you on your toes!! Therefore we have spent many a day trying to find products to help with our quirks we have come to love!

Our shower has always dripped slightly and have kept meaning to buy a new shower head but knowing we are going to extended and renovate the bathroom sometime in the near future that we just didn’t want to spend the money out. However when the hose snapped we had no choice. I searched for a replacement and stumbled across this bargain and thought why not give it a go.

The Deco Express shower head came in a beautiful box with promises of a spa experience all for a grand total of Β£12.97. Can’t go wrong with that, as long as it doesn’t drip and it washes out your conditioner your on to a winner surely?!

Apart from the shower head being heavy I was pleasantly surprised. It comes with an extra supply of minerals that you replace after 6 months. These are calcium sulphite, tourmaline alkaline and maifan stones. It promises to remove all purifies from the water before it touches the skin, offering soothing, chlorine free highly hygienic show. It advertises pressure increase up to 3 times! With the mini tornado in the handle it massages and moisturises. With three setting of jet, massage and rainfall there is a setting for all.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t hold out much hope due to the price but the reviews were amazing. My hair and skin have felt so soft since using it for the last week. My children suffer with dry skin and have required much less cream post bath. You do not have that tight skin feeling where you have to lather the moisturiser on to give your skin a drink post bath. I would defiantly recommend this product. If all the statements are true it’s an ingenious idea πŸ’‘

Happy to add a little video if you would like to see it just leave me a comment

Happy showering 🌧

Hugs & Kisses

Kate x

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