The Little Bullet Book


I wanted to share this wonderful little find with you. It is a game changer.. I’ve started 2018 off with an organised bang with help from this little beauty. Its a wonderful editorial that simplicity is most definitely key. You can see from these pictures just how beautiful it is but the fact that it guides mindfulness is a win win with me. I haven’t shown you all the pages as its lovely to explore for yourself but here is a taster of what you are getting. I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as i do when i order 3 for Christmas gifts.

It is now in stock, to get your own copy check out this link.

Just look at the simplicity of this book. It is gorgeously laid out with a simple black and white theme to give you the option to colour in the designs for extra therapy.. Love that idea!

I’m not sure I need to explain what The Little Bullet Book is as the author does it beautifully for you!

Rethink and reorganise your beliefs. It helps you to stop being rigid in thoughts and processes and to define the person you want to be. Its a wonderful tool.

They do say an organised mind is an organised life. I do know that if I am feeling more organised I can face the world a bit better.

There are numerous duplication’s on sections to write daily. You can be completely organised and detailed down to your diet, home, finances and interests just to name a few. Daily planning of diet and exercise is like writing a slimming world plan but it does the job to have it in one place.

I find the Law of Attraction a rather interesting concept. Basically you believe it enough and it will happen. You define your destiny, you create your path. I know it makes sense that a positive world encourages positivity and we all need more of that. I’m going to give it my all and put my heart into it to see if it works. I’m going to be positive.

I love having a bucket list as there are so many things I want to achieve. I would love to go body surfing by the sea with the kids this year. I want to save more and spend less. I want to gain another qualification. Its hard not to write too much and not set your self unachievable tasks but if you keep them unachievable it is a really useful tool especially when you see them being ticked off as completed!

Buy Now

I hope you find it as useful as I do..

Love & Hugs

Kate xx

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