New Years Eve!

So… every year I think I’d love to do some wild NYE and every year it gets to this very day and I think crap where has the year gone and blinking heck I’m stuck at home again! To be fair I don’t want to pay ridiculous money to go to a pub I wouldn’t care to pay for a drink in normally or give Mr Cab Driver an overpriced fare just because it’s the last day of the year but I did swear that last year whilst watching Robbie Williams awful countdown show (he must have been high) that I would make more of an effort this year.

It’s so tricky when you have a young family as obviously midnight is too late for them and totally not worth the overtired arguments the next day! (Not a great way to start the year). We did debate a house party but seeing as Xmas costs an absolute bomb and both kids birthdays either side that’s also not come to fruition.

So whatever you are doing tonight can you do it for me too! No doubt I’ll be snoozing on the sofa or something. So rock & roll!

Happy New Year and hope 2018 brings you all you dream of.

x K x

2 thoughts on “New Years Eve!

  1. I tripped over a stone. says:

    Ah, yes… the money is always tight. I always wanted to do a fabulous NYE but whenever attending ‘parties’ they were never that fab! Now, I make appetizers for just me and the hubby (who just started driving uber/lyft) so we celebrated New York time and he went to bring home all the partiers from there spots… the stories I heard!?!?! We didn’t miss a thing! Happy New Year!~Kim


    • Hey Mumma B says:

      That just sounds perfect! You need to write a blog about the stories. What a funny read that would be 😂

      I always feel a bit melancholy between Xmas and new year about what I haven’t achieved which is silly but can’t help it. Happy new year to you. Hope it’s full of love and laughter xxx

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