Our world 🌎

We are just a normal family with normal goals in life. To be happy, to pay the bills and keep the roof over our heads, to guide and teach our children to be the best people they possibly can be, with hope to stay healthy and watch them grow.

It all started when I met Steven in 2010 following a stint on dating website (oh the shame!) We fell in love pretty quickly and our Amelie was born 2012 following what felt like the longest labour in history! I can’t believe Amelie is turning six, a mini teenager in the making already but what a sweetheart with her own quirky personality and quick whit.

Our little love Joseph came along like the speed of light nearly three years later and completed our little family. He’s a massive batman fan who wins the heart of all that meet him with his cheeky smile and chilled out ways. We are truly blessed β€οΈπŸ’™

Steve and I both work having had turbulent times with Steve being medically retired from the metropolitan police in 2015. He was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis which ended up with him loosing his large intestine. He has had numerous operations and now struggles daily with crohns in his small intestine. He has really bad days that may see him laid up in bed struggling to move with pain, exhausted with the fight. He does battle daily and is such a fighter most people wouldn’t notice he suffers at all. Hidden illnesses are so hard to explain to others.

For this reason and many more I nominated Steve for 60 minute make over. We are so thankful that the team swooped in and gave Steve what we have always struggled to find within our whirlwind of family life. Downtime and space for him to recoup on the bad days. Thanks to the team and all the volunteers including close friends, family and neighbours he now has a wonderful space for him alone that really has changed his life. We can’t show you any photos at the moment or tell you what they did but you will have to tune in when it’s on TV in February (exact date to be confirmed) on the Quest Red channel.

We are eternally grateful! Yes.. Peter Andre is so lovely too ❣️

To read more about Steve’s condition and what led him to where he is today check out this article he wrote for the Get Your Belly Out group. It’s a harrowing, truthful and emotional piece which explains so eloquently why he deserved this makeover.

You do not realise quite what life has thrown at you until you get through the other side stronger then ever. We are very proud of him πŸ’™

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