A Time For Giving

This Christmas we decided we needed to help others. Christmas is largely an over indulgence of food, drink and gifts whilst spending quality time with loved ones.

This year particularly our minds turned to the people who may be alone, unhappy or even homeless at this time of year. We wanted to offer anything to help.

We came across a local (to us) family who spend their own time throughout the year helping the homeless. The Big Warm Up load up a van with donations of sleeping bags, warm clothing, foods etc. and spend their time handing them out to people who are on the streets of London. People who have had lives and Christmas’s just like ours. One day eating a full turkey roast with all the trimmings around a table with loved ones. Pulling a cracker and singing a song or two with a tipple in hand. For some reason they have ended up in a situation that has left them with no fixed abode. Can you imagine that? One day you have it all and the next day it has gone!

Many, I am sure are service men and women who have fought for our country. To think of anyone on the streets is heartbreaking but for someone to put their life on the line to keep us safe to end up this way is barbaric.

We wanted to share our Xmas dinner with someone who may not have the opportunity to have one. We cooked all morning on Xmas day and made 40 individual portions of Xmas dinner to be take to London and given out. We hope they have helped someone to feel cared for at this difficult time in their lives. We know it won’t change anything but it’s something. We do plan to help as much as we can now we have found these amazing people. Give them a follow on FB & insta to find out more.

We do not post this for praise but to hope that you may also think of someone in need and help too. A great lesson for the children to learn that although Christmas is about receiving it is also about giving.. and caring πŸ–€

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